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Monday, November 1, 2010

Peace Conference- result of a team effort

By Rehan Ansari,
Mumbai: Faiyazuddin, 40, a Bio Chemist in Indian Railway, is working in nights for its employer and volunteering his day time in Peace Conference, going on in Mumbai.
Besides use of latest Technology, Professionalism and able leadership, it’s the Collective efforts, commitments, altruism of these hundreds of volunteers from all over India that transform this religious programme in to an international event.

A volunteer explaining Islamic teachings.

Renowned televangelist, Dr.Zakir Naik initiated this Peace Conference 4 years ago, to spread the message of Islam and shun the misconception about it, exhibits complete opposite pictures of Muslims in India. Team includes Highly Qualified Personals, Parents of International Islamic Schools students, Convent students, Burqa clad English speaking ladies, and Security personals all are putting their hard work consistently, day and night, for these 10 days.

Mohsin Khan (left) talking to another volunteer Farhan Karmali

Mohsin Khan, 25, a commerce graduate, is a stage co-ordinator, was also impressed by Dr.Zakir’s lectures and debates. He got associated with IRF and got Dawah training. He feels that the conference brings all sections of Muslims together and therefore he said, “I want to be a part of it to bring unity among the diverse community and to spread the message of Islam.”
He was a non-practicing Muslim but after Dr.Zakir Naik’s has changed his life and now he is a practicing Muslim. This is the story of another stage coordinator of Peace confernce, Farhan Karmali, 22 years students doing Master’s in computer Science.

Aslam Khan has taken days off from his work to manage Peace Conference

Aslam Khan, 47, electrical engineer in a private company is number three in the hierarchy of the Management of Peace Conference and responsible for Quality Control. He has taken off from his duty and devoting his full time for the success of this conference. He said, “We have predefined Quality Norms for every section like Food court section, Catering section, PR, security, exhibition, guests etc and also defined the Dos’ and Don’ts’ to maintain the quality of the programme.

Volunteers engaged in dawah work

The conference has not only taken the time of the volunteers but in return it has given lots of experience to them. Tanveer Shaikh, 40, an electronic and telecom engineer and a director of a private firm said “Experience of working in peace conference has improvised my managerial skill and taught me Time management, delegation of duties etc, which is very helpful in my professional life”. He is now the In charge of VIP Lounge in the peace Conference. It’s the Dr.Zakir Naik’s lecture on Islam in English that attracted him first and now his kids are the students of International Islamic School, mange by IRF.

Tanveer Shaikh

Danish Reyaz, 32, journalist of urdu newspaper and magazine has also learnt how to manage media from volunteering in peace conference. He is looking after the Public Relation and mainly Media relation of Peace conference. He said, “Initially we hired PR agencies for the promotion of the conference but now we are managing it form ourselves.” He also informed that besides Urdu newspapers they are advertising in English, Marathi and Hindi daily newspapers.

Maqsood bhai is in the media section.

Maqsood, 47 is the oldest associate of IRF and is seeing the Media section mainly keeping records of news coverage of the programme. He said, “I and Dr.Shaoeb, an oldest associate of Dr.Zakir and an eminent speaker, started doing dawah work and then we joined IRF and now through Peace TV our dream has come true.” He said they always wanted to have a channel of Muslims devoted for Dawah.
Besides these men there are hundreds of women, who due to Pardah, could not talk but seen working along. They are chasing Non-Muslim Teachers for Dawah work in Exhibition hall, helping women audiences and contributing what is required from them.
In all, there are nearly 1800 volunteers in which 300 are from Mumbai and the rests are from Hyderabad, Latur, Karnataka and other parts of the country.They are not paid but being provided with the travelling expense, lodging boarding and food. Khalid, 22, is from Hyderabad and a Da'ai in the exhibition hall said," We are here for the sake of Allah and to seek his forgiveness and blessings and nothing else."


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