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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The concept of Slaughtering of animals at EIDUL ADHA by Dr Zakir Naik


  1. of course HE accepts,u cant expect a creator to make thigs n people immortal.if u think it is merciless seeing sacrifying then its again merciless to let die peole of any cause,then there shd b no death n no new life.n y abt only animals?y dont u think of plants those r cut mercilessly to serve u food.its our n their destiny n v r nobdy to rebel.

  2. thats an excellent ans ameen. I like this alot its logical also

  3. beautiful ans, :) n i would like to add something more there for Bro Arif to understand,

    It is neither their meat nor their blood that reaches Allâh, but it is piety from you that reaches Him. Thus have We made them subject to you that you may magnify Allâh for His Guidance to you. And give glad tidings (O Muhammad SAW) to the Muhsinûn[] (doers of good).
    Qur'an ch 22 v 37

  4. Definitely.

    The argument worked well 200 years back.
    When people came to know that plants had life, then came other argument. Plants have life but they don't feel pain. Later on this argument was also proved wrong. It is known today that plants cry and laugh but we can't hear that because it doesn't belong to audible range 20 Hz to 20000 Hertz.

    Then one more (il)logic was added to the list. Plants have two senses less. It was well answered by Dr. Zakir naik.

    Do you know if these animals are not slaughtered ecological balance will be disturbed? So many of them are slaughtered each day? Do you find their population getting extinct? If we leave them they will eat, graze the plants and meadows and leave very less for humans.

    The animal which are getting extinct were forbidden to be killed by our beloved Prophet SAW. There are several ahadith in Tirmizi, Abu Dawood , Riyadus Saleheen pertaining this. The prophet disliked using fur of animals of Tiger and Lion's family.

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  7. @brother arif... Everything is a TEST.. We have to believe that ALLAH is JUST.. and HE would never give injustice to any of HIS creations... We CANNOT understand or grasp every secrets of what is happening with ALLAH's creations.. This even reminds that our HUMAN KNOWLEDGE IS LIMITED as said in Qur'an... Moreover, we have painless method of slaughtering as said in the Qur'an.. so we are NOT killing mercilessly... If u believe that it is merciless, then u doubt ALLAH's commandments and justice, which means that ur not a complete believer... A true believer is the one who feels and says AlhamduliLLAH(Praise be to ALLAH) in every worst situations... Many Muslims fail in this important test without really understanding the wisdom behind ALLAH's commandments... What ever question we get regarding ISLAM, let us clarify and understand to the best of what we can instead of doubting ALLAH's JUSTICE... These kind of doubts come from shaithan(the devil)...
    JazakhALLAH khair for this wonderful blog.. May ALLAH forgive our sins and doubtful thoughts and bless all of us with Jannah... AMEEN.. SUMMA AMEEN...