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Thursday, October 21, 2010


Why are Muslims not allowed to marry Non-Muslims?
1. Qur’an Prohibits Muslims to marry unbelievers.
                   Qur’an mentions in Surah Baqarah chapter 2 verse 221
    “Do not marry unbelieving women until they believe: a slave woman who believes is better than an unbelieving woman even though she allure you. Nor Marry (your girls) to unbelievers until they believe: a man slave who believes is better than an unbeliever even though he allure you. Unbelievers do (but) beckon you to the Fire. But Allah beckons by His Grace to the Garden (of Bliss) and forgiveness, and makes His signs clear to mankind: that they may receive admonition”.
[Al-Qur’an 2:221]
        2.           This life is a test for Here-after:
    According to the Qur’an in Surah Mulk chapter 67 verse 2
     “He Who created Death and Life, that He may try which of you is best in deed,
    and He is the Exalted in Might, Oft-Forgiving”.
    [Al-Qur’an 67:2]
        3.     Concept of Salvation cannot differ amongst Life-Partners:
    The ultimate goal and salvation for every muslim is to attain paradise in the Hereafter. A true husband or a wife will also want his/her spouse to attain paradise in the here-after. How can two life-partners live together if their ultimate goal i.e. Salvation differs? Or if the ways that they have chosen to lead to this goal are different? Such a marriage would be like a vehicle whose one tyre is that of a cycle while the other tyre is that of a truck. How will the vehicle run smoothly? Similarly if the beliefs or concepts  of salvation of the spouses differ then how can they live in congruence and achieve marital harmony?


  1. yes to be very specific the each and every action of a person is defined by wat he/she believes if ppl with the different belief come decide to live together the peace and harmony in that relation cannot be derived....b coz there will not be any harmony in their actions...

  2. But according to my knowledge I know that we can marry the people of the books ie: The Jews & The Christians??
    How far is it true??

  3. Its true Sahil bro, but after marring a jew or christian girl u need to turn her to Islam with all her heart. If u can surely say that u will turn her into a muslim then its ok if u marry a jew or christian girl. But a muslim girl can't marry a non muslim boy. Its better to avoid coz u want to marry her by seeing her beauty, wealth or anything else except the feeling that u want to change her into a muslim then its a very wrong deed. May Allah forgive me if I have spoken any thing wrong.

    1. You cannot marry a Jew or a christian of today.As they do not truly believe what their respective prophets said.Moses and Jesus, peace be upon them both, foretold the coming of Rasulullah pbuh,and asked them to except him ,which they never did.As such the present day Jews and Christians are not true followers of Moses or Jesus pbut .Hence a muslim cannot marry them.

  4. Sahil brother Quran says that you can marry the Ahlel kitab means Jews and Christians but we know that this bible is not that kitab means angiel or zaboor that now a days Christians and Jews follow. and we also know that at the first years of Islam the Muslims were less so it was difficult to marry just Muslim but now alhamdulillah Muslims are a lot and we can marry a Muslim girl or boy easily. now it is haram to marry a non Muslim lady.

  5. if a muslim person marry the non muslim girls then were will go the muslim girls

  6. there is always controversies among the thoutgts of humans even if they r of same religion.but if it comes to the diferent religion then like makn it more dificult for them selves.until n unless if u r only couple stil then it works but when u have kids it makes it worse bcos in this way u confuse the children to which thng to folow n to wat u belief.n then begins the fitings n all thing wat i kno is tat a muslm man can mary christian cos then the kids hav to folow fathr religion but if a muslim women has to mary non muslim then her kids have to folow the husband its betr to increase a muslim ummah then non muslim one.....cos its a man dominating society n its for true..tat kids have to folow the husband family rules.......i hope im not wrong.......

  7. What Quran says is we we have to believe. Quran allows marrying to people of the book and so we can.No one can say its haraam or prohibited.As far has Bible and other books other than Quran are concerned , they were already taken back by Allah by the time Quran came. I know it that muslim men and specially women dislikes this but they have to accept it! you can't go against Quran.

  8. zakir brother what u will tell us about those people who export oil to afghanistan to nato forces ?can we do JIHAD with them?

  9. @ talib.. brother what i want to tell you that a muslim cant go against quran.. and who goes cant be a muslim... its that simple... if quran says that you can marry a jews or christian but on what conditions..??? its never that the person whom u married can be allowed to follow their religion n not accepting and following islam... infact its only allowed if he / she are willingly accept the faith that the imaan... its only allowed at that point of time with this specific condition... infact if you look in to the matter in depth u can find out that a muslim cant be a muslim by its name, by birth , by region etc.. rather a muslim can only be a muslim on the basis of faith which only known to the Allah.. but how can we recognise a person who is in IMAAN or not , for this purpose to make the things simpler quran and hadeeth itself provided very clear guidelines... like if someone is consuming HARAAm, earning interest, liar,idol worshiper,ractising shirk etc, cant be a muslim and the relationship like marriage is not advisable with such person.. and so my dear friend u must know that u can marry a non muslim like christian / jews , provided if they are willingly can accept the islaam... my dear friend u r only remember that quran says that marriage with other religion people are allowed but you had forgotten or dont want to mention or accept the conditions... dont mind my brother but ur behaviour seems like the thought n acts of those kaafirs who lies frequently and gives the excuses that lying for the benefit of some one is acceptable... listen my brother its The ISLAAM.. and in this religion every things are with reasons, logics, and scientific proof... every thing is true.. there is a clear distinction between right n wrong .. nothing can be inbetween... so its my request that must learn the islaam and hadeeth properly n must not give any such kind of statement acooerding to ur conveniency... Islaam is the most convenient , truest and the only religion of the ALLAH... infact all prophets came with only religion that is the Islaam... so dfor ur goodness must read n collect the knowledges, enhanced ur horizon and then speaks something regarding sariah... never give such immature , untrue statement which can mislead many... and once again i m repeating that marriage only with other religion people are allowed only if they can accept the islaam willingly, without any interest of materiastic gain, and sheer love for the ALLAH and the Prohet mohammad-ur-rasoolullah...

  10. Let me tell you, there's no Christian in this world at the moment, they are cross-worshipers around the globe. Christians were followers of Jesus and they accepted him as second last Prophet. So Muslims don't accept anyone as Christian today. For the part of marrying outside the religion, you cannot find a modest woman anywhere; you know this world is going to be the part of pornography.
    Now let me know who do you call a Muslim? I don't think we are Muslims, we are mild, we are moderate but we can't be the Muslims, being a true Muslim is what I mean. We are following the diluted form of Islam which was started by Former US president George W. Bush. He launched an unrelenting campaign to change Islam into something more palatable to Western society by Happy Clappies who are being flown in by the Government from the US, Canada, and (Hostile Israel) to preach a diluted form of Islam.
    9/11 incident is the brainchild of Jews. Zionist Jews together with bloody Americans knocked down WTC so that the reason could be created to dispose one and only Islamic government from Afghanistan. Jews are legally responsible for the attacks of 9/11 but in response to the attacks, US Cross worshippers launched a War on Islam to depose the Islamic Government in Afghanistan and take control of the assets of Muslims. This is the Crusade war against Islam and Muslims under the pretext of fighting terrorism which is in revenge for Western defeat in the crusades. Well, we know that the true Muslims are only the Taliban in Afghanistan who are doing Jihad against Cross worshipers and their lord (Zionist Jews). How lucky are those who are standing fast, with full determination, by Allah's Grace in front of Kufr (disbelief)! Although the propaganda of 9/11 is more intense, but even innocent children lying on hospital beds, with half cut torso, display victory symbols when brought before the camera. A feeling of trust and confidence in Allah and a strong enthusiasm for Jihad has developed in a common man, as reaction to the naked aggression and oppression perpetrated by US-led Crusade forces. May God, this motivation proliferate and spread throughout the Muslim world, and every Muslim stands up as a Mujahid and Ghazi! This monster of Kufr (disbelief) would otherwise stop short of nothing. When USA attacked Afghanistan, the US president admitted that 'the tiny state developing in Afghanistan could wipe out our civilization from the map of this world; their civilization, principles, laws and form of government are diametrically opposite to our systems and are so strong intrinsically that if this state was allowed to exist, it would pose a potent threat to our civilization. Muslims were going to finish our culture around the globe.' It is because both things i.e. light and darkness, water and fire, Islam (truth) and Kufr (disbelief) cannot exist together. Truth is always a bitter. It was a small state created in the Name of Allah, signifying a revival of Caliphate and was founded on the principles of Quran and Sunnah.

  11. In West, a woman is regarded as an object of sexual gratification; it is intentionally connected with promiscuity and pornography. In there, women are allowed to take off their clothes completely when they're on beach just behaving confidently in order not to appear ashamed, women are allowed to remain topless or to be naked on beaches, their nakedness leads to greater promiscuity among new generation. It's easy to talk about sex but difficult to be modest. Overt sexuality is a Western Perversion, which allows men a lot of freedom in sexual matters and especially where women are being considered only for their sexual attractiveness as they always choose to cohabit rather than marry; because (Wild Wild West) is “sex free society”. Wearing a Hijab by a woman is considered an offence crime, but if a woman wears only bra and G-string, it's considered her right. The Hijab has become a symbol of a rejection of those negative Western lifestyles like drug-taking, pornography, binge-drinking and promiscuity. It's a statement telling West, Muslims don't want to be like you.
    Western Values are concerning indecency, obscenity, adultery, debauchery, fornication, promiscuity, lewdness, pornography, immorality, religious intolerance, harlotry and violence under which women are deliberately being enjoined to be naked. Westerners claim to have drunken the cup of fornication so they extremely believe in pornography, prostitution, promiscuity, homosexuality, gambling, usury, immoral acts of fornication (fellatio – cunnilingus).

  12. Interviews some American New Muslim women who became Muslim after 9/11. Aljazeera and FoxNews both interviewed Angela Colins, an ex-Catholic from sunny California. Safiya, who used to be an American Jew... Lost 8 of her relatives in September 11, however, this did not make her blame Islam for the actions of the perpetrators of September 11. Instead, she loved Islam and became Muslim. Having studied Islam and the Quran both women found out, that it has little to do with the extremist actions of a few lone people..... but it gives true meaning to worshipping God alone and not associating any partners with him. It is God's true message to mankind.

  13. __Asslamo Alaikoum True light
    It seems that your words came from the deep heart. Thank's to Allah that you are a moslim and incha' Allah with time you will get use to practice according to Islam.
    As you said it's only Iblis (Satan) and his followers from jiin and inss who let us forget the beauty of our religion.
    So may Allah give us strenght to practice and don't give up things come with time and patience.
    Incha' Allah, always every muslim makes dua' for all muslim over the word.
    Iman (Monica) Aparicio Christianity to Islam
    *Recommended Viewing* Beautiful Story. This sister became Muslim after her daughter started questioning her about various beliefs such as the trinity and she asked why she had to pray to the cross. So Monica started on her path to find the truth, and alhamdulilah she found Islam. This is a really amazing story about how someone found guidance in Islam. She also talks about her own experience in Arab countries with what she sees as problem, with their lack of understanding about Islam.What a wonderfull story. Inshallah Iman and her daughters will grow, and they will help all those around them to see the beauty and truely appreciate the enormity of the gift that Islam is in their lives. And people will no longer take it for granted. Al hamdulillah she found the truth and was able to share it with her daughters, and Al hamdulillah that her daughter had the insight to see the lies in what her mother was teaching her - she taught her mom to really think about her worship as opposed to just blindly following. This video brought tears to my eyes. Alhamdulillah.
    Bismillah Al Rahman Al Raheem.This is such a beautiful story. I am a muslim but i am sad that i do not practise accordingly to islam. I am very Happy to see others convert but sad they do a better job in preperation for the after life. I am starting to Fear Allah S.W.A.T and i Inshallah will be reading Zohr on 13/07/2006 Namaaz who ever reads this please pray for me that this becomes a continues method to my life. I have fear in Allah S.W.A.T but i thought to much about my comfort of my bed that contains lazzyness not knowing my real bed is in the grave. I want my Bed like all off us to be full of luxury and blessings. So lets us begin to expand Islam but us being firstly the postitive act of Islam. Im so scared of death but now im feeling so less scared becuz Allah S.W.A.T is not Only the LORD but my best Friend who listens to my heart and gives me things AMIN. So in return for what the lord has given to mankind lets start to fight Iblis and tell him that we indeed are greater then him because Islam is within us. Amin.
    Turning Muslim in Texas George W Bush may be backed by Christian fundamentalists but in his home state of Texas, Islam is the latest big draw.
    Eric was a Baptist preacher before he became a Muslim 14 years ago. Now he prays five times a day – even in the middle of watching a football game. His wife, Karen, also a convert, is covered from head to toe in the traditional Muslim Clothes. Islam, says Eric, ‘is everything I wanted Christianty to be’. His mother has found it hard to come to terms with her son’s conversion and believes he will return to the Christan faith: ‘Then he will be a dynamic preacher.’ Eric says: ‘Maybe some day she’ll embrace Islam.’________________

  14. Assalam alekum rahmatullah wabarkatohu,
    In Islam with Christian girl marriage is allowed if she is pious and act according to the condition when we don't find any Muslim girl to marry..but better to us if we marriage with a pious Muslim girl...