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Monday, October 18, 2010


        Religion or a way of life, should not be rigid but should be flexible. Islam is very rigid, has several rules, with do’s and don’ts. Why is it so?

        The brother has asked a very good question. He asks, “Why is Islam such a rigid religion with do’s and don’ts, although a religion as a way of life should be flexible and not rigid. I agree with the brother, that religion as a way of life should be flexible and not rigid, (every rule and regulation for anything to function properly then should at least be a few sets of fixed rules). Overall I agree with you that a way of life should be flexible, but a few set of rules are necessary for any system to function properly. For example, if the government of India has to function well there should be a few set of rules  e.g. no one should rape, no one should rob, no one should cheat.  If you do not have these rules, so as to be flexible, then someone could come and rape your sister or rape my sister. Would you like a life, where someone comes and robs you. Do you not agree that if the country has to run properly at least few rules have to be enacted / implemented, viz no one should rob, no one should rape, no one should cheat. Other things are necessary e.g. you become a doctor, you become an engineer, you stay in Bombay, you stay in Delhi are optional. Similarly in Islam, there are a few do’s and don’ts, while every thing else is optional. A few do’s and don’ts for example, you should believe in only One God; you should offer Salaah; you should give charity if you are rich; you should fast during the month of Ramzan; should be there. Remaining you can be a Muslim living in India, whether you are a Muslim living in America or in Saudi Arabia. Whether you are black or white, or yellow or brown or rich or poor, you are a Muslim. Is not Islam flexible? Yes, most of the things are flexible.
        For any system to be successful, there has to be basic set of rules which are fixed. For example, if you want to learn English, you should know A,B,C,D. The styles of teaching may differ. St. Peter’s School may have a different style of teaching English language i.e. reading, writing and understanding. St. Mary’s School may have a different style from Rosary School. If you go to America, they have a different type of English from Britain, but the basic rule is same i.e. A,B,C,D. Whether you are in America or India or St. Peter’s School or St. Mary’s School, if you want to read and write and understand English, first you should know A,B,C,D. There is no other option. That rule is fixed. Other things like pronunciation etc. may differ. You may teach with pictures or teach with pencils or with paper - the style will differ. The Basic rules should be the same. If you want to know Maths, you should know 1,2,3, or else you cannot do maths. Thus, the basic set of rules should be there.
        The same is in Islam. There are a few do’s and don’ts, whereas the remaining are optional. When it comes to wearing clothes, a few basic rules exist. A man should cover himself from navel to knees whereas a woman’s complete body except face, hands up to the wrists should be covered - clothes should not be tight or transparent, clothes should not be glamorous, clothes should not resemble that of the opposite sex, and should not resemble that of the unbeliever. You can wear cotton or terricotton, or georjetor the latest or old model shirt. You can imitate Amitabh Bachan or Raj Kapoor as long as it fulfills the Islamic criteria, the rest is optional. Whether you wear a blue shirt or green shirt, or a white shirt, or black shirt, so far as you fulfill the Islamic criteria. For every system to be successful, a little rigidity must be there. So I agree with you that life should not be fully rigid. Islam is not fully rigid but it is the media which portrays Islam as very rigid. For the complete life to be successful, the basic fundamentals should be fixed, along with a few options. For example, few rules for eating of food – Pork is haram, alcohol is haram. On the other hand, you can have chicken, or mutton biryani, or veg. pulav or roti.
        There are many options but the do’s and don’ts are few. Therefore , for any manner of life to be successful, a few of the rules should be rigid and the remaining should be flexible, and Islam is the best example. Alhamdulillah it shows a complete way of life which caters to the body as well as to the soul. It is a complete way of life along with the Instruction Manual - The Qur’an just as every machine requires a manual, human beings also require a manual with do’s and don’ts are very essential.
        Hope that answers the question and hope that summarizes everyone’s answer also.


  1. When you are born you first see the light & hear the sounds of ALLAH's Creation. Before that moment you were being nurtured by your mother. Insha-Allah, you'll have a loving family to teach & protect you.

    In reality though, you are responsible for your way in this life. Do you aimlessly use your will to survive, or do you use your free will & submit to something else?
    Islam is here to help you make sense of the world, and to give you a reason to submit to GOD's Will.
    If you truly do what ALLAH asks you, you will in reality have real peace of mind. But there is another reward that is not of this world, and if you do not lie about about the truth,
    you just may find yourself in Paradise.

    Mind you, you don't have to do a thing. The choice is always yours, but ALLAH's Promise to you is absolutely real.
    Isn't this reason enough to follow the rules?
    Nobody is stopping you from doing what you want,
    we are just telling you what you need if you desire more than to simply survive another day.

  2. this is a very frequent question which is asked by people to muslims. it is just because this is the only religion where ALLAH swt directed us to spend our lives. HE told us how to sit, how to walk, how to eat, how to behave, how to greet and when, what to wear and not etc. these all are the points which comes infront of nonmuslims, and so they ask why all these ,do we not know what to and when? but yes surely we dont know actually what is right. for example if our parents dont tell us that o my child dont tell a lie, dont steal, so were we ourself able to understand that what is right or wrong. in the same manner ALLAH and his messenger told us. all these instructions are just for our sake not for ALLAH. For example ALLAH and HIS messenger says eat as much as u can, but leave one part of ur diet. this is a rule , but if we go in depth we see it is really good for our health, if eat much we get obesity,acidity,or many other problems. in this way rules are for us only and for our benefit.
    jazak allah

  3. para sa akin..may mga masasamang bagay sa ating bansa gaya halimbawa ng rape..druds wine ..ito ay gawa ng mga taong hindi nakikilala ang dyos..una dapat maging huwaran ang ating mga magulang.kung sila ay may intensiyon na lumaki ang mga anak nila na may takot sa diyos..ituro nila ang salita ng dyos.ipaunawa iparinig.ang salita ng dyos..isang malaking pag hanga ko sa islam..ang culture nila hindi na bago.specialy sa mga babae..paano sila manamit..kung paano sila ingatan ang sarili nila..bakit at sino ang nangangasiwa nito..ang mga magulang ang salita ng diyos ang ating panlaban sa takbo ng ating buhay..kahit mabaligtad man ang mundo..mananatili tayong matibay at walang pag babago..sallaam peace be wd us..

  4. This kind of question is very is even asked by some Muslims.To me dis is due to some reasons;
    1.wrong perception that arouse from the way the media portrays islam to the public.
    2.lack of understanding of islam and its teachings.
    3.hatred for islam and its adherennts. In whatever way, may Allah continue to assist us on His path.