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Saturday, October 9, 2010

'Peace - The Solution for Humanity'

Conference Theme
Peace, internal and external – be it on an 'individual' or at a 'worldwide collective' level – is a must for effective human progress and realistic global unity.
Peace perishes in the use of unjust force. No matter which side of the fence you are on – you are bound to lose. Upholding justice and human rights, eradicating poverty, as well as inculcating moral values based on our Creator's Divine Guidance are a must for achieving World Peace. We cannot achieve effective world peace without good governance and morally sound human beings.
For people of all beliefs, this conference will be a learning opportunity to realize, reflect on and correct their misunderstanding (if any) about Islam in the light of talks by authoritative and renowned international speakers.
Conference Focus
  • To revive the knowledge, awareness and understanding of Islam and its message of peace
    for the entire humanity.
  • To help eradicate misconceptions, false fear and hate of Islam and Muslims globally.
  • To help realize that justice, human rights, moral values and peace, be it on an individual or at a worldwide collective level, are a must for a healthy society and realistic global unity.
Unique Organizational Features
  • InshaAllah once again the world will witness yet another “Islamic Da’wah Conference” that’ll be exemplary in terms of grandeur, excellence, leading speakers and audience participation.
  • Grand Main Stage: 5,000 sq. ft. huge, with state-of- the-art intelligent lighting and props, modified everyday over 10-days for a fresh look and feel.
  • Professional TV Recording: With more than 45 Digital Betacam and High Definition 4:4:4 Cameras, over 15 Jimmy Jibs of 40ft. height, Akela Cranes of 80ft. height and other state-of-the-art equipment.
  • Reach: Hundreds of millions of people worldwide through television telecasts (live and recorded).


  1. assalam alaikum brother
    i would like to become a Dayee..what are al to do frm my end? Can i be a student in IRF?

  2. plz forward us details about CONFERENCE.....topics,speakers etc. like last year