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Thursday, September 30, 2010



Why are non-Muslims not allowed in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah?


It is true that non-Muslims are not allowed in the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, by law. The following points will serve to elucidate the possible reasoning behind such a restriction.

1. All citizens are not permitted in the cantonment area

I am a citizen of India. Yet, I am not permitted to enter certain restricted areas like the cantonment. In every country there are certain areas where a common citizen of that country cannot enter. Only a citizen who is enrolled in the military or those who are connected with the defence of the country are allowed in the cantonment area. Similarly Islam is a Universal Religion for the entire world and for all human beings. The cantonment areas of Islam are the two holy cites of Makkah and Madinah. Here only those who believe in Islam and are involved in the defence of Islam i.e. the Muslims are allowed.

It would be illogical for a common citizen to object against the restriction on entering a cantonment area. Similarly it is not appropriate for non-Muslims to object against the restriction on non-Muslims against entering Makkah and Madinah.

2. Visa to enter Makkah and Madinah

a. Whenever a person travels to a foreign country he has to first apply for a visa i.e. the permission to enter that country. Every country has its own rules, regulations and requirements for issuing a visa. Unless their critera are satisfied they will not issue a visa.

b. One of the countries which is very strict in issuing a visa is the United States of America, especially when issuing visas to citizens of the third world. They have several conditions and requirements to be fulfilled before they issue a visa.

c. When I visited Singapore, it was mentioned on their immigration form - death to drug traffickers. If I want to visit Singapore I have to abide by the rules. I cannot say that death penalty is a barbaric punishment. Only if I agree with their requirements and conditions will I be permitted to enter the country.

d. The Visa – The primary condition required for any human being to enter Makkah or Madina is to say with his lips, La ila ha illallah Muhammed ur Rasulullahmeaning that ‘there is no God but Allah and Muhammed (pbuh) is His Messenger.’


  1. Your right Zakir
    Aor tmam logo ko bhi manlena chayee

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  2. it is not a right logic .i think non muslim should be allowed to enter in Makka & Madina coz all humen are same

    1. @ANSH first you should go to your government and plea that you or me should be allowed to enter the PM or president's house because all humans are same!

    2. Then by you same logic u mean everybody should be allowed in the cantonment areas or everybody should be allowed to enter America without visa- well go on try your luck.....if not then why don't we object to them....coz remember all humans are the same ;)

    3. Brother you read the answer carefully with open heart then you will not question again.

  3. Well answered, it will be irrelevant to let non Muslims to enter this holy cities which are purposes dedicated for Islamic rituals ceremonies.

  4. Exactly! Simple as that thanks so much for the answer. Non-muslims would never pulse to educate themselves islamically before uttering any words, all they do is to follow the misguiding media and so they would only try to bring those things Islam abolishes on Allah's pious and blessed lands.Thanks for making the rules known Laa ilaa ha illallah Muhammadon Rasllullah

  5. its so well answered and ANSH, the stupid can't still understand the logic. how sad..

  6. very foolish logic this - u are violating the verse of the quran that says: Let there be no compulsion in religion and u are also defying the sunnah of Muhammad the final messenger of God.

  7. Its perfectly logical, I used to have this question bt now i fully understand. Jazak Allah khair

  8. ansh:
    read the answer properly.

    If all humans are same then why dont indian army people allow pakistani spies inside their security contonment area?

    Isnt that wrong? THINK...

  9. its for security reason , thats it!,,,

  10. Very well answered .. Same as like every Christians are not allowed to be in the confession room rolling a father.. all hindu are not allowed to do the puja ... All human are not allowed to operate a space shuttle ... all people of america are not allowed to see the non disclosure confidential file of pentagon .... All human being are equal .... but everything has rules ..

  11. Ansh if you want to enter in Makka & madina, become Muslim then no one stop u to enter the Holy City. as you taking about, off course we r human being so y we r not allow to enter in White House, Pentagon etc....etc.................

  12. I respect Dr.Zakir Naik. But the explanation which is given here is not an acceptable one.
    The example of cantonment & Singapore rules are defined by human beings and the rule of not allowing the non Muslims also been prepared by human being like us (i.e. Muslims). I don't find any reference that Allah is stopping people (including non muslims) to enter place in the world. If any proper reference is there (from Allah for our holy places) then i must agree.

    But if it is framed by human beings then we cannot give any explanations. If we do so then those are just for debate we cannot consider.

    In the mean time, if the government is stopping non Muslims during haj then we can say that to handle the crowd, to avoid any attacks and security purpose.

    Any other comments are always welcome.

  13. Well answered Dr. Zakir. 100% logically said

  14. I am a Muslman. I believe Islam to be the greatest Deen for mankind. Quran does not restrict non-Muslims to enter Mecca and Madina so there should be no restrictions, as long as non-Muslims pay proper respect and abide by the laws set forth.
    I also believe that Islam is a Deen and not a religion/Mazhab as there are no rituals in Islam. It provides the best balance in life that is in harmony with Allah Talah's laws of nature. The other Deen like Christianity and Judaism have been degraded to a religion by their followers, which is sad. We as Muslims have to preserve Islam as a Deen or else our fate will be no different than those that Quran refers to in history. May Allah show us the right path. Ameen.