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Friday, October 8, 2010

Peace Conference 2010 - Mumbai


  1. Bro Shamim!!
    Wht r u doing to for Islam??? Itz very easy to undermine and critcize Everyone for Nothing..
    If you can spread the word of Islam Through Tahir ul Qadri.. Go ahead.. plz dont criticize widout any evidence.
    Itz not that easy to Organize The great event for Islam in A Non Muslim Country..

  2. Brother Shamim Dou you know the The word Quran and its meaning.Did you give any Ayat and its meaning to non muslims,Did you convert your own relatives towards the practice of Sahaba who were near to Muhammed (PBUH) Dont pass wrong comments over the muslim.This activity in the period of Rasoolullah Sallalho ale vasalam done by Kuffar.If you have knowledge over islam come on at the platform of debate.