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Wednesday, October 13, 2010


        Why do Muslims call God, ‘Allah’?

        1.           A person can play around with the English word ‘God’:
        Muslims prefer calling Allah (swt) as Allah, instead of the English word ‘God’. The Arabic word ‘Allah’ is pure and unique, unlike the English word ‘God’ which can be played around with.
        2.        God + s = Gods:
        If you add the alphabet ‘S’ to ‘God’, it becomes ‘Gods’, that is plural of God. Allah is One and Singular. There is no plural of Allah.
          3.        God + dess = Goddess:
        If you add ‘dess’ to ‘God’ it becomes ‘Goddess’, that is a female God. There is nothing like male ‘Allah’ or female ‘Allah’. Allah has no gender.
        4.        God + Father = Godfather:
        If you add the word ‘father’ to ‘God’, it becomes ‘Godfather’. “He is my Godfather” i.e. he is my guardian. There is nothing like ‘Allah Abba’ or ‘Allah father’ in Islam.
        5.        God + Mother = Godmother:
        If you add the word ‘mother’ to ‘God’ it becomes ‘Godmother’. There is nothing like ‘Allah Ammi‘ or ‘Allah mother’ in Islam.
        6.        Tin + God = Tingod:
        If you put ‘tin’ before ‘God’ it becomes ‘Tin-God’ i.e. a fake God. There is nothing like ‘tin Allah’ or ‘fake Allah’ in Islam.
          7.        Allah is an Unique Word:
        ‘Allah’ is an unique word, with which can neither conjure up a mental picture, nor can it be played around with. ‘Allah’ is the name mentioned for the One Unique and True God, in the Qur’an. Therefore, Muslims prefer calling God, ‘Allah’. But sometimes while speaking to non-Muslims we may have to use the inappropriate word ‘God’, for Allah.


  1. Jazakhallah khair

  2. Masha-Allah. may Allah reward you and guide you true these da'awa ameen.

  3. Beautiful. May Allqh reward you!

  4. Very beautifully and clearly described differences.