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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Chaos and Unrest in the Muslim World : Will Islam take over?

Robert Fisk, the noted Middle East news analyst, commented on the Euro News "The fear of Islamism is so great in the minds of US and Euro  that they do not want these types of  governments go , as they fear that they may be overtaken by Al Qaeeda likes, so they continue support these governments to prevent the contamination of this revolution in the region........  

 Why the West is afraid of Islam? 

 I can thread   a  few more  questions to make the topic more comfortable for the readers with biased opinon about Islam  " Are the western governments afraid of Islam or the  entire western world is afraid of Islam ? Should the view of governments be taken as the view of every citizen no matter, no matter  what policies are they looking at? The mother of all queries should be " what makes every successful western generation, and governments   fear Islam?

 The answer can be searched amidst the huge pile of anti Islamic volumes, the western authors and commentators  have  put into the  minds of the readers, and listeners for past  fifteen decades. When generations after generations are poisoned with books after books in an age when books were no widely published  ( I am referring to the 60,00 books written in the west between 1800 to 1950), what else do you expect? Now the ghostlike image of Islam is depriving the westerners from the beautiful life style that Islam offers them

  Like  a hypocrite, on one hand the western rulers are calling for democracies in this region, while with their hidden agenda they are looking for another head of the state to suit their policies. After all, the oil and  the Suez canal are the two things any super power would be tempted  to conquer to  stamp their authority over the world. It can be any western ruler's night mare that these two precious pearls of today's economy be fall in the hands of their most dangerous  enemies!

The volcano has boiling for decades:

  With the rise of the availing of Islamic literature in the corporate language,,   the gap between orthodox Muslims and the corporate Muslims got so  narrowed that  some where along the line they have been even merged. Many among the Ulema can now handle the administration and maintain accounts,  whereas many among the corporate Muslims lead the religious obligations like delivering sermons, inviting people to Islam, commenting on creed, traditions and culture. This is the ideal revival of Islamic values, as there is no priestdom in Islam. With Islamic knowledge available at the tip of the fingers in the global media, the Muslims have consumed the essential to nourish their bonds. Then they looked at the the political problems and , read, saw, analyzed the injustice being meted out to them from Bosnia, to Gujarat, via Palestine, Baghdad, and Kabul. 

  The Muslim world does not  require any Al Qaeeda to motivate them. . This was what the western advisors and consultants forgot to inform their bosses all these days.  When you barter a nation's security with its natural resources, when you frisk every  one with names like  Khan or Mohammed in every of your security check ups , when you invade a nation and hang their  rulers and show the world, when you ban their moderate scholars from entering in your state by calling them hate mongers, when every third head lines of your news present  a humiliating  editorial or a  a news item about  the atrocities upon their  prisoners, when  your religious scholars announce to burn their scriptures, what little option that community has except that they look for some thing  that will give back their lost glory and honour? Those who turned back to the Qur'an realized that the Qur'an has empowered them  before and  offers them again, and the history testified their claim.

   I cannot   say  whether  the day has come  or not when the Muslim world will not accept any thing less than a khilafa or a ruler who will look into the eyes of the West and narrate his terms, but this seems to be the beginning.

 NIsaar Yusuf is a student of Islam and comparative studies. He can be reached at


  1. Well said and timely said. Thanks for highlighting the hatred seeds sowed in the western minds.

  2. Jazkallah for summing up the current scenario

  3. Every Muslim's aim is to establish Khilafah and Rule of Shariah where ever he lives. But unfortunately Muslims have forgotten this prime duty have taken to luxury or running behind materialistic benefits.
    There are very few people in these Muslim countries who want Khilafah. Take the case of Pakistan , it uses Islam as the fifth tyre (only in case it is required). The citizens of Afghanistan rejected the khilafah of Mulla Umar. No where in the world the muslims (except a few) are really striving for Khilafath. May be they do not know the real scenario of Khilafah.
    All the north african and west asian arab countries are ruled by US (Israel) backed dictators. The people are used to this type of lives, they are satisfied with small luxuries in their lives. Very few strive for Akhirah, hence slaves of materialism.

    Muslims have to be taught the real purpose of a Muslim's life on this earth and the importance of Khilafah.

  4. This is just a beginning of a great fall...lets see what Allah has in store for us- ofcourse he is the knower of all- the powerful the wise.

  5. Are you really serious??? This sounds like something out of Saudiyya--Arabs know what is best for all Muslims...this is not true for most Muslims in the world. I will never bow to their pabulum for the masses for it is the islam of people ruled and not the Islam of Allah's message in the Quran. More Muslims kill each other in most places (due to cultural mores, perceived problems between sects of Islam, and sheer ignorance). I will not support such madness for these serpents poison us, they are not the cure.

  6. Khilafah must be here in this world as its the prime aim ......