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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Beauty Myth :A Book that will Raise your Beauty IQ

Some prominent Non Muslims authors and authoress have written books that prove Islamic view points. It all depends upon us how we squeeze useful information from them and serve it in our Da'wah recipe. The Beauty Myth by Naomi Wolf is among them.Reading the book I discovered the ugly face of the modern liberated Western women. The authoress is an American Jewess and currently she has written another great book but not of this level. 

The Beauty Myth  was ranked as the 25th best book of the last century. If you read it you will wonder why it didn't make it among the first top ten.

The Beauty Myth uncovers the fact that the working women in the West are not an issue to be proud but a shame and a grave concern. The authoress Naomi Wolf argues " 45% of the working women in the US are single, divorced, widowed or separated and are sole economic support of their children......A red book survey found that 88% of  their respondents had experienced some sort of sexual harassment at work..... the working woman in the west has to maintain her good looks in spite of her age  as beauty is a form of currency, her looks are her fortune ..... a former editor of VOGUE spends nearly 60 thousand $US  to maintain her looks!

 The Beauty Myth is a red book for growing up girls as well as for grown up women who refuse to grow up and strive to prevent aging. Convincing arguments, shocking statistics, and deep investigating stories make this  book worth   for teachers, social workers, woman's right activists, counselors as well as institutions.

A book that every mother should gift to her daughter when she enters her teen as the authoress rightly discovers that ...girls as young as 9 years old are into dieting and self hatred that has developed due to the myth of looking good at any cost.

 There are some unbelievable statistics which may be required to be upgraded today. Here are a few of them ....UK has 3.5 Million anorexics,95% of British women suffer from eating disorders... the diet industry is $35 billion ...... for every one film released in Hollywood there are five Pornographic films released... Pornography is the main stream media.

   I earnestly insist that this book should be a syllabus in many schools  ,especially  in the  Muslim Institutes and also a part of your household library too . I am not getting extreme. Inshallah this book will lift your Beauty IQ. Order your copy, read it, digest it and display its contents in your discussion with friends who are aggressively liberal oriented  and let me have your feed back .

Author : Nisaar Yusuf is an avid reader of useful books and loves to analyzeanalyse them for the benefit of book lovers. He can be reached at