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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

One million US women to wear hijab for Iraqi woman killed in California

Shaima Alawadi, an Iraqi mother of five, died on March 24 after being 
stabbed in her home in the US State of California.
One million non-Muslim women in the United States will be wearing hijabs in support of Shaima Alawadi, an Iraqi immigrant brutally killed at her home in March.

Many non-Muslim women in the United States have posted photos of themselves wearing a headscarf on “One Million Hijabs for Shaima Alawadi,” which is a recently created webpage on Facebook.

The Facebook page had about 10,000 likes on April 2.

Jean Younis, the office manager at Bonita Valley Adventist Church in National City, California, said she would wear an Islamic headscarf to support the family and friends of Shaima Alawadi on Sunday, according to a recent article published by the Washington Post.

“I do expect a reaction, but that’s the point. It needs to be discussed,” said Younis.

The 59-year-old church office manager is one of the many non-Muslim women who have expressed solidarity with 32-year-old Shaima Alawadi.

Alawadi, mother of five, was found unconscious at her home in El Cajon, California, on March 21. She died after being found beaten and lying in a pool of blood next to a note saying “go back to your country, you terrorist”.

There have also been “hijab and hoodie” demonstrations at several universities across the United States in recent days. The notion of “hoodie” refers to the killing of Trayvon Martin, a black teenager gunned down by a neighborhood watch volunteer in Florida on February 26.

“They were both killed because of the way they looked and that is so wrong,” Younis said.

Trayvon Martin and Shaima Alawadi are not the only victims of alleged hate crime in the United States in recent weeks.

On March 24, 19-year-old college student Kendrec McDade was shot and killed by two Pasadena police officers in Los Angeles County, California. Pasadena Police Chief Phillip Sanchez said he believed as many as “eight shots” were fired at McDade.

According to a report by Federal Bureau of Investigation, only in 2010 the statistics regarding single-bias hate crime incidents that were prosecuted in the United States showed there were 3,949 victims of racially motivated hate crimes, with 70 percent being victims of anti-black bias.

The FBI compiles annual statistics on hate crimes in the United States, but many commentators believe the bureau understates the real level of reported and unreported hate crimes each year.



  1. Allahuakbar.... Allah peace be upon her Ameen...
    Mashallah very good support for her from womens of USA..

  2. may allah grant jannah. An attempt of d'awa.

  3. Allah swt is the best of planners!

  4. Actually problem is not with Americans...
    Problem is the Zionists who control Govt. media and economy of USA.

  5. How many muslims in Afghanistan, Iran or Pakistan have ever show solidarity with christians that have been butchered by islamic extreemist, c`mon American women, this is just a retributive justice, these religion is not of this civilization, and the adherents deserve no mercy nor sympathy, their actions have push others to embrace extreemism, Imagine where might is right, the Us & Uk would have conquerred the entire middle east, persia and the arabic penninsula and convert them all to christianity, but, we are in a civilised world where reason and not sentiments work, but these sick folks hv pushed us to the precipice, they should therefore confine themselves to their region bc of their intollerant attitude

    1. I think you forget the rich culture the Christians used to spread their religion, it was called "crusade" How many cultures and people where destroyed and killed by the Christians? If you think that is civilization, then Islam is a far better religion which is only about peace.
      It a propaganda of few nut heads who get no one to blame and point towards a religion to be bad based on few morons actions, if people are so dumb, then its their problem, do not blame the complete religion or culture due to few idiotic peoples actions.
      and the people how killed this innocent ladies are also called "Extremist" no one calls then Christians, understand the difference. Problem is in People not Religion.

  6. Americans are good people but their government (like any other government) is root cause of all problems. American government is always hostage to Zionists who are having a hawkish control of American economy.

    1. Nice to know you have all the answers. Guess you're yet another Moslem immigrant in our country who's whining and complaining while going to cash all your free benefit checks.

    2. Maybe so, but we did not murder Benazir Bhutto---you did.

  7. Too sad..By the way one woman was stoned in an arabic country because she did not have hijab. Is it correct? Let's play both ways equally...Many Muslims come to Christian countries and they want to practise their custom but they do not give any opportunity vice versa if I go to their country. Where is the logic here, dear Muslims?

    1. Christians not following their faith in an manner the bible described.....Even bible also saying wear hijab,than y u people r not wearing it,it doesn't said wear skirts r go to club but u people indulged all of ur favorites in the name of religion and asking the Muslim nations to allow that things..Muslim nations ready to Allow what bible said but ur misinterpretations of bible leading to misunderstanding islamic nations...

  8. I can bet you dollars to donuts that the person who killed this moslem woman was one of her own moslem relatives, most probably her husband. Honor killings is common in Islam. Of course the perpetrators of this crime wanted to divert attention by faking the murder scene with phony hate crime paraphernalia to conveniently blame the infidel (Kaffir).
    Here is my challenge: will there be 1 million or even just 10 Moslem woman ready to remove their primitive gross hijabs as a sign of solidarity to those innocent Egyptian Christian Coptic girls, women and children who are raped, attacked, killed and kidnapped almost every week there...or the numerous Pakistani Christian girls and women who are killed, raped, tortured and humiliated or to all those innocent Christians, Jews, Hindus, Parsees, Atheists, Agnostics, Intellectuals, Sceintists, Rationalists, Buddhists, Homosexuals etc who are victims of Islamic intolerance and hate in the Islamic world? Lets be fair!