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Saturday, January 8, 2011

RSS leader admits hand in Samjhauta blasts

New Delhi: Tehelka and CNN-IBN have accessed the confession statement which Swami Aseemanand - the main accused in the Samjhauta blasts of 2007 - made before the CBI.
The RSS leader confessed before the CBI that Hindu terrorists were behind the Samjhauta Express blasts of 2007.
The NIA, investigating the case, has said that it is clear that Hindu extremists were behind the twin explosions in the Samjhauta train that killed 68 people, mostly Pakistanis.
Swami Aseemanand made the statement under section 164 before a magistrate which is admissible as evidence.
“I told everyone that a bomb must be responded with a bomb and and that Hindus are sitting quietly and this is not good,” Aseemanand told the CBI.
Aseemanand has also spilled the beans on RSS leader Indresh Kumar's alleged connections with the Mecca Masjid and the Ajmer Sharif blasts.
He also gave graphic details of how Pragya Thakur, Sunil Joshi, Indresh Kumar and others were planning terror strikes across the country.
"In 2005, Indresh had come to Shabri Dhaam after an RSS function. He was accompanied by several top RSS functionaries. Sunil Joshi was also there. Indreshji met all of us.
He told me that making a bomb is not my job. I have been instructed by the RSS to work with the tribals. He said Sunil Joshi had been given the task of bombs. He said whatever help Sunil needs, we will provide," Aseemanand told the CBI.
"I had also got to know that Sunil Joshi and Bharatbhai had met Indreshji in Nagpur and Indreshji had given a sum of Rs 50,000 to Sunil in Bharatbhai's presence. Col Purohit had once told me that Indreshji was an ISI agent and that he had all documents to prove his point. But he never showed me those documents," he said.
This statement was made before a magistrate which means that it is admissible as evidence in court.
Aseemanand was arrested for his involvement in the Samjhauta express blasts case.

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