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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How Muslims are Framed to be Terrorist - U will Surely Cry after Watching this...


  1. Media raises any topic for it's popularity, but they forget to look at the Humanity. Due to this only Every muslim facing problems. they have to publish only those news which are perfect and which are real. And also the indian Govt. has to do some thing for this type of issues.

  2. where r human rights activist and claiming god fathers of our country...will they come forward and get justice for imran and question and punish those who pick such Imrans without any proofs for crime like terrorism ;the police does so just to prove their quickness and ability to people and media!!

  3. very sad incidence. police force should be more human. also, police personnel responsible for inflicting 3rd degree torture on him and the likes should be pinpointed and punished wherever possible.