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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Dr. Zakir Naik Explaning the Concept of Triple Talaq (urdu)


  1. Salam. If Dr.Zakir says that whatever Hazrat Umar(ra) did or said is not above whatever Hazrat Muhammad(saww) said or did. and i think its true. but then why muslims in case of Qatl al jama' bil wahid(ie killing of many people for one) and in case of Drinking prefer the punishment perscribed by Hazrat Umar(ra)..???/
    Dear this is not criticism just a question... I will be waiting for your reply....


    Jawad Nabi...

  2. I did not get your question correctly. Please rephrase. For a better answer ask on, they have A bench of Muftis(authorized islamic scholars) to help people understand islam. Or email them to . You can ask them to explain the whole issue of Triple talaq to you.

  3. ALL 4 imam are unite on this issue that at a time 3-talaq is also same as 3 -talaq in three different times.Saudi Govt. also implementing the same.
    Zakir naik should learn the islamic knowlwdge first,he is the scholar of comperative religion only.he must not deal with the under islamic religion.

  4. Dear Mr. Abid Esq.,
    You are advicing to gain knowledge to such a person who is been spreading knowledge to the whole world I did not see an orator like him on the face at present may be it is required for you to spend your rest of life to learn something from him A Da'ee like him. Stop criticizing this shows how knowledgeable you are.

    Allah Ma'ak

  5. What if talaq uttered (4 times in a single sitting) with the intentions of warning ( 1st talaq) is taken by the wives family as triple talaq.

    Reconciliation move is rejected by the wife, it will be six months this week.Wife is adamant & does not desires to see the husband anymore. How would the husband treat this since it seems it is being literally being forced to sign the documents for Divorce.

    Thanking in anticipating of a solution asap, as I have to sign the papers in a couple of days.


    Irfan. (