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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

What Osama Bin Laden Means to Different People !

With the news of end of Osama, people have been giving different types of responses, some amusing, some really thoughtful while some childish. I have my own selection of some striking responses that i have come across. Here are a few of them:

  To the US Army: It means no Visa required to enter any part of Pakistan and kill any one.

  To the Pakistani people : No place is safe in Pakistan any more

  To the Al Qa'eeda : Who will be the next bin Laden, because the battle is lost yet the war continues....

  To the Hollywood : A new subject theme for Rambos, James Bond, Spider man, Bat man, ......

 For the Media: Who will give us more TRPs and Readerships now!

  To the American President Obama: An opportunity to be reelected in the Whilte House

  To the Future American Presidents to be: Laden is dead, so lets us find a new villian to fight

  To the American Citizens : Now who will be the next ghost that the Goverment will use to frighten us when ever and election is around the corner?

 To the American Government: Phew ! a very expensive enemy. 1.4 Trillions of $ US of expendtiure,24 thousand of dead soldiers, 56 thousand  handicapped and injred soldiers and 1.5 Trillions dollars of debt.

 To the US soldiers : Can we go home now?

 To the Mujahideen :  No you cannot go back home now.The battle maybe lost  but the war still  continues....

Author: NIsaar Nadiadwala writes and speaks on the behalf of humanity. He can be reached at


  1. AND TO THE INDIA: He now means a stick to frighten and pressurize Pakistan..

  2. and to Indian citizens: AB KASAB KO GOLI MAARDO.... TOTAL SAFAYA.....

  3. And to my sisters in Islam living in the US and Europe : Are we free to wear hijjab now?