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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Islamic Monotheism : The Biggest Charm of Islam

Few years back a local Guajarati news paper published an article by Swami Sachhinanand, a very popular Hindu religious scholar . It was on the front page of its Sunday issue and the main story of that day. The learned man narrated his experience with a new Muslim in UK. He wrote: One of the daughters of my host had embraced Islam. We were sitting in a room where the grand mother of that girl was in her last breaths. There were many of us, local Hindu scholars and other bigwigs of our community.

  All of a sudden a young lady in Burkha walked in and went straightaway to the dying lady and said " Daadi maa ( Grand mother), don’t die except in the state of Islam. I may not be able to help you tomorrow when you stand before your Creator' The father of the girl stood up and shouted. " If you have become a Muslim it is ok but don’t corrupt my mother. You may meet her but dont bother her" The girl turned back and replied peacefully. "Pappa,  I have passed on the message to her and to all of you present over here so dont blame me on the day of qiyamah... The girl was asked to leave and she left....

 Swami Sachhinanand continued...   'INDEED ISLAM  IS  A  CHARMING  RELIGION  .  I was impressed by the courage that Islam had sowed in her......

Indeed Islam is a charming religion, and the most charming factor of Islam is its concept of God. There is no middle man or any type of priest in between you and your creator. You can approach directly to him at any time of day or night.  I remember a research story in BBC about a new Muslim girl. Her reason for embracing Islam was the headline of the editorial. it said " Allah knocked on  my heart". 

Those who study the Qur'an properly may have realized that the most of the early verses revealed spoke of Allah. The unmatched attributes of Allah entered into  the hearts of the early Muslims and worked as an assurance and made them firm in their hardships. Today many of us have missed that link with Allah. Many Muslim sects carry a corrupt creed that has taken them away from the strongest and the most charming pillar of Islam.

 A revert lady was asked by a journalist what made her leave her faith, customs, life style and opt for a simple religion? Was it hijab or the law of inheritance? She said "NO! it is the Concept of God that appealed me!"  In Dec 2000, I was gifted a book by Dr Zakir Naik " Shahral Aqeedatul Wasitiyaa" a master piece on Islamic monotheism by Imam ibn Taymiya. After reading the book I realised why the Muslims are failing to get back their lost glory. The faith has been corrupted terribly. The early Muslims were freed slaves, poor , the needy, widows, orphans….. It was their uncorrupt faith that made them powerful. Today we have 55 Muslim nations with armies, oil wealth, univeersities, industries.... but we don't have pwoer. We are among the weakest nations , because we dont have that link with touhid. Today those organizations, individuals and scholars who are correcting the creed are doing a very good job.

 When many Musilms rejoice  the spread of Islam, I see two reasons, one is a glad tiding from Allah that Islam will prevail,. This verse appears three times in the Qur’an including Surah Toubah, Surah Saff and Surah  Fat’ah. The other verse is in the form of a  warning and it appears in  the last verse of Surah Mohammed “ And if you turn away (from your responsibilities) Allah will replace you with another people who will not be like you.”  When I see Muslims involved in heinous shirk I fear that perhaps Allah is replacing them with another people.

Author : Nisaar Yusuf focuses on Islam and comparitive social system, comparitive financial system........ He can be reached at


  1. "Blessed is He Who sent down the Criterion to His servant, that it may be an admonition to all creatures― He to Whom belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth: no son has He begotten, nor has He a partner in His dominion: it is He Who created all things and ordered them in due proportions. Yet have they taken besides Him, gods that can create nothing but are themselves created; that have no control of hurt or good to themselves; nor can they control Death nor Life nor Resurrection."

    [Surah Furqan 1-3]

    I crave for articles on tawheed! Plz keep it coming! Jazakallah :)

  2. mashaAllah very simple and explanatory article ! Keep writing !